Design Legends ("DL") had the distinct honour to interview legendary designer Faldo Andreo ("FA") for their original perspective and innovative approach to design as well as their creative lifestyle, we are very pleased to share our interview with our distinguished readers.

DL: Could you please tell us a bit about your design background and education?

FA : Graduates from LaSalle for Interior Design major. More than 8 years in design industry and a consultant in diversified categories, including city planning for mayor candidate and numerous property developers. A published Architectural books writer, guest speaker in notable seminars, former Autodesk Instructor at ATC, former Managing Director of Property Developer and former R&D Director of Creative Paper Product Manufacture.

DL: What motivates you to design in general, why did you become a designer?

FA : Design is my passion. I do love art and designing is an expression of art.

DL: Did you choose to become a designer, or you were forced to become one?

FA : I choose to become a designer, it is my passion.

DL: What do you design, what type of designs do you wish to design more of?

FA : Mostly Architecture and Interior Design. I am also doing digital graphic design on my spare time.

DL: What should young designers do to become a design legend like you?

FA : I don't think I am a legend quite yet, because I still need to learn more and new things as design is always evolving by the time.

DL: What distinguishes between a good designer and a great designer?

FA : Is great better than good? Design is a subject of human perspective and nothing could be defined as better designer as someone could do better in designing. What does fit well and what does suitable is the question that need to be answered. If someone could solve a problem by a creative design, so he or she must be a great designer.

DL: What makes a good design a really good design, how do you evaluate good design?

FA : There is nothing defined as a good design, a well-designed is when you can fulfill your client's demand or in another word that the design could solve the problem and become a solution. It could be something that suitable for the market, achieve customer's satisfaction or sells good.

DL: What is the value of good design? Why should everyone invest in good design?

FA : Design is a work of art. If it is something that tailored-made, it must be a thing that suitable for a particular group (or market). By knowing and developing this through design, it helps businesses to reach their goals.

DL: What would you design and who would you design for if you had the time?

FA : I would like to design renowned resorts, hotels and buildings. If I have the opportunity, I would love to design for great property developers internationally. Wherever it is, small hotels will do. Not just large projects.

DL: What is the dream project you haven’t yet had time to realize?

FA : I could not say the name or what it is in explicit story, but there is someone who approach me last year and plan to build a large-scale resort in Indonesia. I do see opportunity and realize that it might be a really good project, but there are some things that need to be solved before it can be realized. I hope it can be started this year.

DL: What is your secret recipe of success in design, what is your secret ingredient?

FA : I do love learning new technology in hardware and software, and honestly with the right knowledge and the right methods, it helps me a lot in design process. By knowing the right tools, I can do better design in less duration but need to be balanced with dedication.

DL: Who are some other design masters and legends you get inspired from?

FA : Zaha Hadid and Foster & Partners company. They are both great designer and really inspire me to create better design everyday.

DL: What are your favorite designs by other designers, why do you like them?

FA : I do have a lot of favorite designs, but I don't have the most favorite or less favorite as I face designs equally. Also, my favorite designs is not only in my design fields, but I also like fashion products and gadget designs. I really admire their work which developing and never stop trying a new thing to solve past problems.

DL: What is your greatest design, which aspects of that design makes you think it is great?

FA : I don't think I can answer this question as I face all artworks (design) equally. It is also goes to my artworks too. It might be great for one particular group but not suitable for another group. That's because design is tailored-made to achieve, to solve and to fulfill a demand of specific market.

DL: How could people improve themselves to be better designers, what did you do?

FA : Always learning. Read articles, books and visit places frequently to feed myself with new inspirations. Technology is also helps a lot when I got tight budget and time.

DL: If you hadn’t become a designer, what would you have done?

FA : A writer or chef. I have 2 published books and I love cooking.

DL: How do you define design, what is design for you?

FA : There is nothing defined as a good design, a well-designed is when you can fulfill your client's demand.

DL: Who helped you to reach these heights, who was your biggest supporter?

FA : My God who strengthen me everyday whenever I fall and my family that always supports me to reach my goals.

DL: What helped you to become a great designer?

FA : My parents, my lecturers, my clients that always trust me, my bosses that giving me opportunities and all people surrounds me that makes me to be me.

DL: What were the obstacles you faced before becoming a design master?

FA : I don't think I am a master quite yet because in my opinion, I need to learn everyday for my whole life to understand what design is. But I have faced a lot of obstacles, rejections, revisions, non-appreciations and underestimations in my life. Sometimes I do got threats from business opponents.

DL: How do you think designers should present their work?

FA : In visual that understandable by general audience. It is the same as joke, it is not good if you have to explain the joke. Design need to be understandable and easily be used by public without complicated instructions, as it is need to solve a problem not creating new one.

DL: What’s your next design project, what should we expect from you in future?

FA : My next project is something that related with property development, especially in resort and hotel development.

DL: What’s your ultimate goal as a designer?

FA : To receive Iridium Trophy from A Design Award.

DL: What people expect from an esteemed designer such as yourself?

FA : Well-designed product (in this case: architecture and interior) that admirable and make a good memories. Something to tell and share. A unique experience.

DL: How does design help create a better society?

FA : It help create a better society as it solves problem in creative way.

DL: What are you currently working on that you are especially excited about?

FA : Projects for number of resort developments.

DL: Which design projects gave you the most satisfaction, why?

FA : Projects that welcomed well by market and become a solution for the client. Moreover it received awards from prestige group like A Design Award.

DL: What would you like to see changed in design industry in the coming years?

FA : Something that more unique, creative solutions that brings good impacts to society.

DL: Where do you think the design field is headed next?

FA : As design itself is expected to solve problem and bring solution in creative way, design field is always evolving as there are new things to solve.

DL: How long does it take you to finalize a design project?

FA : Depend on how big and the complication level of a project. Another factor that could affect design duration is site conflicts, permits, revisions and adjustment from external factor.

DL: When you have a new design project, where do you start?

FA : Finding the right client's demand/ market needs as user is the end-goal of a design.

DL: What is your life motto as a designer?

FA : There is nothing defined as a good design, a well-designed is when you can fulfill your client's demand.

DL: Do you think design sets the trends or trends set the designs?

FA : The root is the user. Design is a creative solution to solve user's need. While trends is something to use, to wear and to follow after a final product that created by a design. So, design sets the trends, but the design itself is set by the people.

DL: What is the role of technology when you design?

FA : Technology helps to create better planning, better communications and better realization on actual build in a project.

DL: What kind of design software and equipment do you use in your work?

FA : I use multiple design software to achieve better result in planning and presentation. While the hardware, which is PC, need to be specifically set up for a particular software.

DL: What is the role of the color, materials and ambient in design?

FA : Color, Materials and Ambient sets a specific Design Style, Theme and Concept which brings a specific result by putting the right formula. As in architecture and Interior, each architectural style has specific arrangement on color and material. Ambient plays a lot in theme.

DL: What do you wish people to ask about your design?

FA : Would you design my project?

DL: When you see a new great design or product what comes into your mind?

FA : Something to learn and a new inspiration for me.

DL: Who is your ideal design partner? Do you believe in co-design?

FA : We live in society and people do need others. Anyone could be my ideal partner as long as we have good synchronization as well as communication. Yes I do believe in co-design.

DL: Which people you interacted had the most influence on your design?

FA : My client. I do need to know what they want and how they think from their perspective.

DL: Which books you read had the most effect on your design?

FA : Time Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning by Joseph De Chiara, Julius Panero and Martin Zelnik.

DL: How did you develop your skills as a master designer?

FA : Never stop learning new things, especially catching up new computer-aided design software because technology plays an important role in both design planning and actual build.

DL: Irrelative of time and space, who you would want to meet, talk and discuss with?

FA : Head or the owner of medium enterprise property developers worldwide as they are important people in property developments.

DL: How do you feel about all the awards and recognition you had, is it hard to be famous?

FA : Yes it is. Very hard or I could say impossible for me. But, there is nothing impossible when I do my best and pray. Dedication and never give up.

DL: What is your favorite color, place, food, season, thing and brand?

FA : Neutral Color and Gold. Melbourne. Italian and Japanese Food. Rainy Season (as there is only 2 season in my country). Coffee. Starbucks.

DL: Please tell us a little memoir, a funny thing you had experienced as a designer?

FA : I met an investor from quite renowned developer, he asked me to design for his project which is not a small project. He do know well how hard it is to design and to solve his problem, but he did not appreciate designer at all. The funny thing is he accidentally slip his scheme to me like it was nothing before the contract. The more funny thing is he contacted a friend to overtake the design project and the one that called by his friend to do the project for that person is me.

DL: What makes your day great as a designer, how do you motivate yourself?

FA : A cup of coffee. Do my hobby on spare-time and back to work.

DL: When you were a little child, was it obvious that you would become a great designer?

FA : I have a big dream when I was a little child, and it is to be a great designer. I do work hard to achieve that dream.

DL: What do you think about future; what do you see will happen in thousand years from now?

FA : Design will take a big part in human life from households, gadget, architecture to fashion trends. It will keep evolving and changing by the time.

DL: Please tell us anything you wish your fans to know about you, your design and anything else?

FA : That design is a work of art that need a real hard work to achieve. It is also need a great dedication and time to make a good one.



Malika Resort

Malika Resort by Faldo Andreo

Nava 9 Villa

Nava 9 Villa by Faldo Andreo

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