Interview with Nova Hung

Winner of Graphic Design Awards

Award Winning Designer Nova Hung shares insights


Interview with Nova Hung at Monday 7th of May 2018:

DL: Could you please tell us a bit about your design background and education?
NH : I was graduated in Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) in 2009.

DL: What motivates you to design in general, why did you become a designer?
NH : Since I was very young, I wanted to have my life by surrounding with art. When I was a little kid I love to draw, when I draw I feel free. Then I grow up, I successfully went to the HKDI (Hong Kong Design Institute) to finish my study in design, to get my first job after graduate.

DL: Did you choose to become a designer, or you were forced to become one?
NH : I choose to. My family preferred I be a piano teacher so sent me to study piano when I was young. But when I finished the grade 8 piano examination I told my mom "I prefer to be a designer more"

DL: What do you design, what type of designs do you wish to design more of?
NH : Branding.

DL: What should young designers do to become a design legend like you?
NH : Never stop exploring the possibilities of the project.

DL: What makes a good design a really good design, how do you evaluate good design?
NH : message delivered clearly, and create a new trend of the design field.

DL: What is the value of good design? Why should everyone invest in good design?
NH : Good design can affect human activities directly, invest in good design to help the business grow up completely and let the inexplicable things happen.

DL: What is your secret recipe of success in design, what is your secret ingredient?
NH : Passion.

DL: Who are some other design masters and legends you get inspired from?
NH : Tommy Li from Hong Kong. Paula Scher from Pentagram.

DL: What are your favorite designs by other designers, why do you like them?
NH : Mastercard rebranding. That design is really shocking me that a huge company being a pioneer to leading the simplicity design in front of the world. It's really courageous to move into this step.

DL: What is your greatest design, which aspects of that design makes you think it is great?
NH : I think I couldn't pick any of my jobs to be "the greatest", because I put all my effort into all project that I worked on.

DL: How could people improve themselves to be better designers, what did you do?
NH : Never satisfy easily.

DL: If you hadn’t become a designer, what would you have done?
NH : I think I maybe a piano teacher or singer? haha

DL: How do you define design, what is design for you?
NH : Design is connecting people, good design makes people fall in love.

DL: Who helped you to reach these heights, who was your biggest supporter?
NH : Definitely my partner Marvis. He encourages me to start my own business, he trusts in my work so much, giving me so much confidence. Also, we are a couple too, so he is my family and my soulmate.