Interview with Chenglong Tao

Winner of Graphic Design Awards

Award Winning Designer Chenglong Tao shares insights


Interview with Chenglong Tao at Monday 13th of August 2018:

DL: What distinguishes between a good designer and a great designer?
CT : The works designed by great designers are beyond the times; the works designed by excellent designers are in line with the current trend, but after a few years, they are out of date.

DL: What are you currently working on that you are especially excited about?
CT : To make a Chinese character series pendant and other jewelry design, as well as a small number of daily necessities design, the manuscript has been completed, has already achieved some honors.

DL: What is the role of technology when you design?
CT : Technology is to quickly convert design ideas into visual works services. Technical proficiency can save a lot of time for work. The same quality works faster than others, complete better, leave more time for Design concept, scrutiny,

DL: What kind of design software and equipment do you use in your work?
CT : It can be said that unscrupulous, plane, three-dimensional as long as it can serve the design works, often several software turns to use the division of labor, such as CorelDRAW & Illustrator, they are vector drawing software, but the functions are different, each has its own strength, I am doing fonts CorelDRAW is preferred because the curve curvature will change after Illustrator's node is deleted; Photoshop is preferred for processing images, and InDesign is used for editing layout; if 3D is used, 3ds Max is used, except for mainstream software, some independent renderers. (such as KeyShot) and small software can be used.

DL: When you see a new great design or product what comes into your mind?
CT : I will sigh the author's unique ideas.

DL: Who is your ideal design partner? Do you believe in co-design?
CT : The cooperation between a team, the ability between the players can be different, but the level of cooperation can not be too much. So I usually complete the design tasks independently.

DL: How did you develop your skills as a master designer?
CT : Think more, basic questions are less asked; in the Internet age, most problems can be solved by searching for answers.

DL: How do you feel about all the awards and recognition you had, is it hard to be famous?
CT : The quality level of the awards and the number of awards are necessary for joining some design institutes. The award is the premise. The success is based on whether or not to actively join some professional organizations and participate in activities and exhibitions.

DL: When you were a little child, was it obvious that you would become a great designer?
CT : When I was a child, I wanted to be a painter. When I was designing for a long time, I found that design is a creative industry. When a work is created, the achievement is as good as pure art.